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April 2010 - 04/08 - part 3

Suri carries a large U.S. Postage envelope, as the duo left their home and headed to Baltazar in Soho for dinner on Thursday, 8.

Suri is wearing H&Y white Ruffle Silk Dotted dress and a new pair of Blue Patent Shoes and dark blue socks.

Suri is accessorized her outfit with Green Doggy Backpack by Manuella, first spotted on November 21th 2009.

"This is typical Suri: the Holmes & Yang white dress, blue shoes and socks, the green ruksak for accessory and something to carry in her hands." comment by Jolla

Suri has a new aqua-blue purse.. CUTE! (looking for id)

UPDATE: iam 100% sure the shoes are from Bonpoint, purchased earlier.



mel1408 said...

here are suris shoes
they are from bonpoint

only picture i can find of them they are in grey

Anonymous said...

OMG. That's quite a get-up Katie has on. Eeeewwwww!messes

Anonymous said...

what is with kate and suri's socks and shoes? totally does not match their outfits!

Anonymous said...

Here we gp again. Katie has a jacket on with long sleeves in November. Not Suri, she is wearing sleevless again in cold weather.