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April 2010 - 04/08 - part 2

after spending yesterday's morning at Chelsea Piers, S&K continued their day with a shopping spree in NYC on Thursday, 8.

the Girls were shopping at Baby CZ by Caroline Zapf store on Madison Avenue (my info!), unfortunately i cant find online the pink eyelet dress or the white embroidered dress, which Katie were holding... my guess is that they are from the upcoming Summer Collection. (update later with more info)

Suri is wearing the same Splendid dress as earlier in the day.

S&K left the Baby CZ store in good spirits - Suri was holding a just made drawing and Katie was carrying a large shopping bag, so i guess they bought both dresses pictured above and maybe more.. :)

and they continued their shopping spree at Bonpoint, Suri left the store holding a small shopping bag with a shoebox inside and the bodyguard helped to carry a bigger bag...
YAY! more cute stuff is coming :)))

Thanks to Jolla for the pictures!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Stardust, now we have to ID Suri's new purse (is it new?): http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/CBbzBW-uimO/Katie+Holmes+Suri+Cruise+Out/seROQFJilZe/Katie+Holmes Jolla

Lucynda said...

This seems to be her new favorite dress.
And by the way she is out again:

stardust said...

yep, i know that she is out again.. :)

its hard to catch up with Suri lately... :D

Lucynda said...

I think Katie should make Suri wear shoes, not only because it's very unhygienic to not wear shoes but also because Suri might injure herself.