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April 2010 - 04/08 - part 1

Suri wore a familiar pair of cosy-piggy slippers as they headed to an indoor play center at Chelsea Piers in New York on Thursday, 8.

Suri is wearing White/Heather Stripe Dress with flap pockets by Splendid, which she first wore on April 4th 2010.

Suri is wearing Pig Slippers by Happy Feet brand.



Anonymous said...

I don't know how Suri can play with those cumbersome slippers on her feet. Not unless Katie is carrying her around the play area.

Really this is impractical and wasteful (those slippers most likely have cloth soles instead of rubber). I guess this is how Scientologist raises their kids -- by letting them run amok.

Anonymous said...

i think it's fine she wears slippers, if that makes her happy. i'm sure katie brought extra shoes for her to use when playing.

and i know she's just a kid and kids like to wear the same thing but i miss suri's dresses!

Anonymous said...

What about this headband? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1264758/Caught-hop-Suri-Cruise-wears-bunny-ears-shopping-trip-Katie-Holmes.html Jolla

Anonymous said...

I hope Katie bought this dress for Suri. Maybe for her birthday: http://www.popsugar.com/Photos-Katie-Suri-8038247?page=0,0,14#13

Mona said...

I really can't believe so much hoopla is being raised about Suri wearing her piggy slippers: I guess she is having a house slippers phase, or an animal/easter phase right now! Let her be a kid, kids have their phases anyways & its at least better than her wearing heels outside everyday.

But I watched a video on another website, where fans were running after Katie & Suri on the set of "Son of No One"- it made me very sad, since Katie has to carry a very scared & irritated Suri, in order to give her comfort & security. I'm sure to a 4yr old, she must be wondering why hordes of people always follow her around, stare at her, take her pictures & scream out her name, as if she belongs to them!