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May 2010
Suri along with TomKat spotted leaving Broadway Theater in NYC on Tuesday, 25.
The Cruise Family watched "Come Fly Away" show.

Suri is wearing red eyelet dress - no id, first worn in July 2009;

Suri is also wearing Cashmere Cardigan in Poppy by Bonpoint.

jeweled headband (crewcuts), silver bow bag (seed) and silver dance-wear shoes (freedom of london).

Too much red! Heels again! the dress is obviously too short! Suri you can do better - you proved it yesterday! :)



Anonymous said...

The cardigan is not Seed
is different
I think it's Bonpoint
the lower edge
is different

stardust said...

thx, for your opinion, i was debating it :)

Anonymous said...

awwww, give her a break...she grew much taller hence the dress is short now...she looks fine....

Anonymous said...

Just when we thought the heels were thrown out they come back. Yes the dress is too small. You would think they would be concerned w/ panties shots.

lalaasong said...

Does wearing heels some hours a day and actualy never walk with it is terrible ??
I believe Suri is most of the time in her parents arms so it's not that bad,and they move by car all the time..
anyway i thought i would never take part, too hard !!
The blog is great, i love it, suri is gorgeous, she's inspiring really.

Anonymous said...

the shoes are from freed of london, not freedom of london

Anonymous said...

Apparently Suri has a new toy: an iPad: http://www.icelebz.com/gossips/little_trendsetter_suri_cruise_gets_new_toy_ipad/ Again, what Suri wants, Suri gets!! Jolla

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for her. She's obviously trying to hide. It must suck to be in the public eye all the time, all your good moment and bad moments on display forever and always up for debate

Anonymous said...

I think it's a huge improvement from the pig slippers and nightgown she wore to dinner and a Broadway show last Easter. I generally support letting a child dress herself except, when going shopping, out to a restaurant, etc. No pajamas or slippers. The red dress is pretty and if they would have Suri walk I'm sure the dress wouldn't look too short.