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In Suri's Closet - ILoveGorgeous and Bonpoint

Suri wore this Silver Dot Midas Popsicle Dress from SS'10 Collection by ILoveGorgeous (UK brand), while for an ice-cream treat in NY on May 24th.

ILoveGorgeous is a new UK brand (mass production started in 2007) makes unique and sophisticated design for little princesses. Basic range is chic & casual which suits Suri's personality the best, as the Midas dress she recently wore. 
Fall 2010 Pre Orders are available now and you can read a small review here.
wishing for Suri to wear one of their special occasion styles - Marie Antoinette Dress - for a theater/performance outing!

Suri wore these Blue Bow Flats by Bonpoint, while visiting Katie on the set of "Son of No One" in NY on April 9th.
As mentioned before the shoes are from Bonpoint and were purchased earlier by S&K during their shopping spree.
(only the stock picture of the canvas version was available online)
Thank to mel1408 for the picture!

A word from me: 
I rarely address those negative comments which i get, probably cause they are so rare.
But this time, it totally made my day, in the worst meaning - so i have zero tolerance.
Despite ~2 000 visitors daily (Thank You, Guys & Girls!!!), this is MY blog and i will run it MY way, although i might get some help from a fairy-lady in the future :)
Regular readers are aware of my unwritten rule about no "salmon-sushi-bullshit" on this blog.
Occasionally i post a rumor or two - my favorite ones are about Suri getting a little sibling.. :)
But i dont see anything exciting about Suri playing with iPad (no pictures - no proof, btw), cause my daughter plays with it too.
This blog is about Suri's FASHION, and i am much more excited about Suri owning a $1 650 Salvatore Ferragamo Bag than any gadget in the world!
Posts are late sometimes cause this is MY hobby, meaning that when i have more important thing to do this will have to wait its turn.
My vent is almost over, and in conclusion i would like to sincerely THANK all those people who sent me sweet & nice supporting emails, telling me how much they (actually, YOU! LOL) enjoy reading this blog!


Anonymous said...

A few days ago, I posted a comment stating where the dress was from. I was just wondering, was I a help, or had you found it on your own? I hope I helped. It is such a beautiful dress, isn't it? By the way, I like the rumors you post as well- I hope someday Suri gets a sibling!

stardust said...

^^yep, you were a lot of help! :) and if you post your name/nick i will definitely mention you in my post! :) Thank you!

noriko said...

hi, I just wanted to say that I loved your blog for a long time, even though I only have boys.
I have nothing to do with girls dresses but still, looking through the things you put on your site even few years ago somehow make me relax and smile. I understand you are busy, so take your time, and take care.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to remain anonymous, and there is no need for you to mention me in your post. By the way, this is a great blog, and I am wondering how you find where all of her clothes are from when the labels aren't showing. She wears things from so many places!

Frances said...

i love your blog! Everyday, I look forward to seeing new posts from it :) I know it's weird but I look to Suri when it comes to fashion trends. lol

isah said...

i just thought I love SURI CRUISE than her parents..since i have a daughter too close to her age...no wonder i get so excited about her and her fashion...

FashionFoodFatale said...

To have Suri's wardrobe.. at any age! Love your site. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. :) (From Hungary, Europe)

mel1408 said...

thanks for the acknowledgment :)love this blog

amy michelle said...

She is the cutest kid and to be so fashion forward at such a young age...she'll be just as noticed as her beautiful parents...probably a designer if I have to guess. Love the patterns and textures she puts together and when she made Katie wear those Royal Blue pumps with the red gown...classic. Love it all. Fashion is a big part of my world. WONDERFUL blog!!