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June 2010

Suri & Katie spotted leaving the Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Katie is in town filming her new miniseries for The History Channel, The Kennedys, with Greg Kinnear. Look for the film on TV in 2011!

Suri is wearing "I Love Dancing" Sparkle Nightgown by Carter's (on sale for only $ 9.99!)

>>just for the sake of argument, adding my thoughts on the topics discussed in comments :)

1. my daughter is 5,9 y.o. and i still DO carry her around! she is a skinny-mini, so its not very hard for me. and lately, I am asking her if she wants to be carried.. LOL. WHY am i doing this - the answers is simple - i love her and want to keep her closer to my heart, literally :) and she is the only child at this point in time, so i do cherish her and enjoy her being little as much as i can! so, i dont see anything wrong with Suri been carried around.

2. PJ's in public - my daughter would never even think about it, just because she knows that pj's/nightgowns are for bed-time only and that other kids will laugh at her if she wears a night gown to pre-school. 
so, i totally dont get it... Why Katie is not explaining to Suri "how things work" in this society..?



Frances said...

I think Suri is getting a little too big to be carried

Anonymous said...

She's a little big to be wearing inappropriate clothes in public too. That gown is only cute at home --at bedtime.

Sarah said...

I agree with both comments. And, though I wish they'd stop letting her wear pajamas out in public, I wish more that they'd make her wear shoes, and stop carrying her all the time.

Lisa said...

In my opinion, this dress does not look like a nightgown. It can be tolerated to be worn in public, but others like the Esme nightgown are too thin and unappropiate to be worn outside of bed.
I somehow wonder about Katie, why doesn't she help her daughter to choose the right dresses? I really don't understand the problem. Is Suri such a pigheaded child? It should be not so difficult to convince her to wear nice clothes. Or ist this pj style a kind of protest against the paparazzis?

Anonymous said...

I really don't see why wearing a nightgown outside is such a big deal. She's just a child... this one looks like a regular cotton dress anyway. And I'm sure Katie has a pair of shoes for Suri in her purse or a bodyguard nearby has a pair for her when Katie puts her down.

People are too hard on them.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, it puzzles me why Suri is still considered the most stylish. Most of the time when she goes out in public lately, she is wearing a nightgown or her hair is messy. Other celebrity kids like Honor Warren dress better. However, I think the nightgown she is wearing is fine for wearing into public, since it seems to fit the same as a regular dress. I think Suri used to dress better.

Frances said...

about the nightgowns, i sometimes wonder if they get paid by Esme (the nightgown's brand).. hmm.. maybe Suri is their model... paparazzi style?? lol

Anonymous said...

i think katie carries her because she's too afraid to let suri walk all by herself when there's too many paps around.maybe afraid that someone will kidnap her? -just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

They just spoil her too much. My daughter is 4 years old , she likes to pick her dresses , what i do is i put 3 dresses on the bed and she has to pick one of them. Pajamas are worn inside the house, all the long if she wants too, but when we go out, i dress her.
I carried her, she still asks to be carried, so i do it.
Suri is just spoiled i am sure they let her do whatever she wants.

Roberta said...

Heyy Stardust, I've just found some new pics of a well dressed Suri.Can't believe how cute and grown up she looks in these photos!! bye

Anonymous said...

I think they carry her especially in crowds when lots of paparazzis are around. I would be careful too.

I would not have known it's a pyjama unless it was noted. Suri is cute and I like that she is not wearing new, expensive, totally coordinated outfits every day.

Thanks for a wonderful blog!
- Emma

Anonymous said...

I think they carry her because of the papparazzi, but they shouldn't let her wear pjs and go barefoot so much in public especially since they know they will get photographed!