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July 2010

Suri went shopping with TomKat to Westfield Mall in LA on July, 2.
Katie stocked on more Esme Loungewear for Suri at Riginals Children's Boutique.

^^LOVE! Suri's love for ice-cream is simply adorable :)

^^OMG! Suri looks so grown-up here with her pink nails & pink toy-cell-phone! True Diva :)

Suri is wearing Flouncy Silk Flip Skirt in Frosted Lilac by Crewcuts.

Suri is wearing Brisé Satin Ballet Flats with tie in Pink also by Crewcuts.
Love these shoes and Suri's "little ballerina" look! Super cute :)

Thanks to Roberta for the link! :)


Anonymous said...

Suri is so adorable i like this look.

Sarah said...

Me too, Anonymous! She looks absolutely adorable! It's so nice to see her out of pajamas, properly dressed, and walking on her own two feet. Those shoes? TOO cute!

Fashion said...

Oh, Suri is such a beauty girl, i mean it!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those j.crew shoes, so adorable.

Frances said...

i think i'm now obsessing with Suri! i visit this blog everyday (getting excited with new photos), and now i'm starting to collect suri style-look-a-like shoes! can't help it.. this girl's just too cute! :)

Lisa said...

Suri looks great, but Katie... she could dress more feminine. I am over with this cowboy look.

Rebecca said...

Me too Frances i recently got a striahgt fringe like suri used to have haha XD i very much admire her shoes i have a few i'm sure Suri would approve of lol.

sandra said...

the shoes is so CUTE i love your blog suri :-D

Anonymous said...

i love that look!