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In Suri's Closet - Luna Luna Copenhagen

Suri is wearing Pink Satine Top from SS'10 collection by Luna Luna Copenhagen, while out shopping in LA on July 2nd 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hey stardust I jut have to tell u that I'm impressed with how you find out where suri's clothes come from!!! how do you do that ? heheheh i'm a huge fan of your site!!!

stardust said...

Thanks! :)
well, there is no secret.. sometimes i just know the brand right-away, sometimes readers (HUGE THANK YOU!) send me info and sometimes i just have to dig dip.. LOL
check back soon, i *think* i found a trail of that plaid dress, which Suri wore to the Legally Blonde musical. iam waiting for a confirmation :)

Mel1408 said...

it is so amazing how you do it. especially finding that tutu!

dining table said...

Wow! That dress is so cute. My daughter is almost two years now and she is starting to wear fashionable dresses. I am sure that she will like that dress.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly agree with "anonymous", I can't understand how you do it!
I love your blog! :)

/ E

Anonymous said...

Hi Stardust!
Yeah, it's very impressive how you "dig dip" to id these clothes. Great Job! Am a big fan of your your site!

Anonymous said...

i know kate and suri bought Glicine Dolly Lilac Fantasy shoes by lelli kelly, Candy Sugar Garden dress for Pinwheel Collection by twirly girl and the spaghetti strap tank top with long pant in a purple cheetah print with roses by esme loungewear.
:) sammy