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September 2010

Suri together with TomKat were spotted out for an evening walk in Prague, Czech Republic on Wednesday, 22.
Tom is in Prague for filming "Mission: Impossible IV".

Suri is wearing Basket Print Candytuft Skirt from SS'10 by Crewcuts (sold-out online)

Pink Owl Print Blouse by H&M,

and Black Quilted Ballet Shoes from American in Paris line by GAP.

Suri is pushing Red & Fuchsia Doll Carriage by Corolle.

Katie is carrying Shaun The Sheep Cry-Baby Timmy Soft plush toy.

Thanks to Katrina for the skirt & carriage id!
Thanks to Anonymous for the pictures link!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that 'Shaun the Sheep' or 'Timmy' soft toy Katie is holding?

Anonymous said...

more pictures here:


Anonymous said...

OMG!She is wearing sooooo cute coat!!!I'm glad she is wearing a jacket,but It's so sad her legs are still naked.May be she is not freezing.

Anonymous said...

hi! the jacket is «Girl Fur jacket» by H&M, but is only available in stores.


Roberta said...

more picss of the day after

Anonymous said...


actually I think this is the right sheep

stardust said...

^^yep, and i have this link posted, but its on UK amazon so i cant add it with the picture..