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September 2010
Suri and Katie spent the afternoon playing at the park in Prague on Thursday, 23.

Suri is wearing Faux Fur Jacket and Pink Owl Print Blouse both by H&M and Basket Print Candytuft skirt by Crewcuts, the same as yesterday

and Black Studded Ballet Flats by H&M.
(^^this picture was taken by me at the H&M store, so please do not steal it & photoshop it without reference link to this blog or my permission)



Anonymous said...

I don't know how she can slide down that pole in a skirt and flats. I don't understand why they do not dress her in play clothes when she is in the playground. One day, she'll get hurt playing in those inappropriate clothes.

Yes children will be children but she is almost 5. People, we have to draw the line already.

Also, if they insist on holding her by the butt or letting her straddle their hips, they should put some tights on her, or a pair of shorts or it should be a longer dress. Really there was even one pic from the other link where her skirt was riding up.

Anonymous said...

I hope they keep her warm enough.

fevvers said...

Ummm why at 5 are they holding onto her as she goes down the pole. Is she completely unco-ordinated or something?