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September 2010

today everything adds up quickly :)

apparently, i misread the news feed - The trio left the NYC apartment, but Katie went to live "Regis & Kelly" show AND at the same time Tom spent afternoon at the park with Suri & his 2 elder children.

here is the short clip of Katie talking about Suri's sense of fashion on "Regis & Kelly" show :)

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Anonymous said...

I,honestly, don't mean to be rude but suri or suri's mom (because, she's really the one responsible for Suri's style) has lost her sense of fashion. I agree that clothes don't have to be of a certain brand or price to be fashionable, but what I've seen lately on suri is boring and uninspiring. I'm a mother of a three year old girl and I am very picky with the clothes she weares, even when we go to the corner store; and I am not a celebrity. I honestly believe that if she continues to dress like that, Suri's fans will and should stop paying attention to her attire; At least, I know I will.