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Suri's Outfit for < 25$!

Katie was accused several times of spending to much on Suri's clothes, i find this as perfect example to show how down-to-earth they are... below is a breakdown of Suri's last super cute & colorful outfit:

1. Tucked Tee in Purple from Crewcuts - now on sale for only 7.99$

2. Tiered Voile Skirt by Cherokee/Target - now on sale for only 4.98$

3. Purple Bow Ballet Flats by H&M - instore for 9.99$

TOTAL: sale price = 22.96$! (full price = 36.48$!)


Anonymous said...

skirts by cherokee

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

Ok, I LOVE that Suri can wear affordable outfits that I can mimic for my daughter. But always stylish, what a good goal for us!