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Best Outfit Of The Month - February 2011 - part 1

guidelines for you & for me:
-pajamas only "looks" will not be included;
-6 days to vote;
-"Best Outfit" chosen by the Readers will be posted after the voting is complete, together with my personal favorite outfit and comments;
-if more than 4/5 outfits, voting will be divided in 2 or more parts.



gloriaputri said...

OMG...Suri is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

i like number 4. she was so cute that day with her daddy and although that dress is short she still looks perfect. love the dress btw.

Anonymous said...

Where's that super cute lili gaufrette red dress one????
That's my favorite

stardust said...

^^it will be in a second part of the BO voting for february, cause there were 9 outfits.

princessbess said...

The first is my fave