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March 2011

Suri & Katie popped into Serendipty 3 for a sweet treat in NYC on Thursday, 10.
The girls shared an all-dessert dinner of a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, a hot fudge sundae
and a "Can't Say No" sundae.

Suri is wearing Hello Kitty Raincoat by Western Chief.

from what i can see - underneath her raincoat Suri is wearing one more piece by Esme Loungewear, its not possible to tell the exact style from the currently available pictures.. but its definitely the same print :)


copperdog said...

I'm anticipating some backlash comments from the choice of dinner that they had...but realistically, scientologists are known for eating really healthy food and chances are the family does eat really well. I'm guessing the reason why we only see Suri eating sweets when she's out and being photographed is because they don't keep that stuff in the house (or wherever they are staying). I know I wouldn't, because I'd eat it all myself! They just go out for desserts (because clearly Katie grew up with a sweet tooth ;)

Skyler said...

Sorry.....but is not the same print.....suri´s print is pink/purple/yellow dot.....and u post green/pink/yellow....what u think?

stardust said...

i think that unless we get better pictures, i say that its the correct print.. :) but thanks for the input :)

Anonymous said...

Copperdog, Tom said in an interview that suri does not eat healthy. He said he asks her to eat some protein, etc., and she says "I really don't think you should make me do something that I don't want to." that sure doesn't sound like her being a nutritious little girl;) while the family may be, she sure isn't

(here is the video, just in case) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9lvQE5qagA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

copperdog said...

Anonymous, that's a real shame. In that case it sounds like they both (K&T) need to grow up and "parent" their child, because children really don't know what's best for them. Ugh, and don't they know that the age of reason for children doesn't start until age 7?