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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

sorry for the lack of updates, all the missing info will be posted this week.

Thanks for Your patience & check back soon :)

December 2011

Christmas Plans!

Tom Cruise recently sat down with Extra and talked about his holiday plans. The actor revealed what he, Katie Holmes, Suri, 5, nearly 19-year-old Isabella and Connor, 16, will be doing around Christmas time.

He shared, "The family gets together and cooks breakfast, and everyone pitches in... I'm not slouch. I'm not a gourmet chef, but I can whip up some eggs. (We're) gonna chill. We like taking those times. We really just all hang together and play games. We're all just going to have a really nice, quiet time."
Suri's Dress on SALE!
Suri's Haphazard Pink Ruffle Dress by Juicy Couture is available for only $ 59.90 at Little Rue Boutique! (limited time sale)

Happy Shopping!
November 2011
Suri, Katie & Tom spotted out & about in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 19th.

Suri is wearing her old favs: navy suede shoes by Flora & Henri, faux fur coat by Eliane Et Lena and the kaleidoscope set by Little Ella.
November 2011
Suri, Katie & Tom went ice-skating at the ice rink at PPG Place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 19th.

updated with better pictures!!! Enjoy :)

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to Katie & Tom!!!

Suri is wearing Kaleidoscope Tank w Lace Trim (first worn on May 17th 2011) and Kaleidoscope Lace Skirt, both  by Little Ella Moss (first worn on July 1st 2011).
outfit info: Suri also added a light pink long-sleeve shrug and bright pink leggings.


November 2011
Thanks to Dear Reader Eve for sending her pictures of Suri & Katie shopping at Park Ross Mall in Pittsburgh on Sunday, 13th.

Suri is wearing Pink Stripe Dress by Circo for Target paired with pink leggings and dance shoes.

November is definitely Suri's PINK month, since this is 3rd pink outfit in a row :)
Interviews, November 2011

Katie talks about their Thanksgiving plans!

We’re going to be in Los Angeles and I’m not a big cook so I usually go to the flower mart in downtown Los Angeles and I make up for my lack of cooking with a good presentation,” Katie told Martha Stewart as she filmed an appearance for Tuesday’s “The Martha Stewart Show.”

 The actress, wife to Tom Cruise and mom to Suri Cruise, said she does have a meal ready too, but she’s not usually behind the preparation.
 “I make sure the fixings are there I just don’t tell how they got there,” Katie explained.

 There is one thing, however, Katie does make – pumpkin bars.
 “My mom started a tradition where she makes these amazing pumpkin bars — almost like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, but it’s not too spicy. In my family we travel so much and we’re constantly living in hotels, so my daughter and I have been in the living room of the hotel with powdered sugar going everywhere making this to keep up the tradition,” the “Jack and Jill” actress said.

The "Jack & Jill" star tells Martha Stewart in an episode of "The Martha Stewart Show" airing Tuesday, November 15th.

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November 2011
later in the evening S&K left their NYC apartment with a bunch of toys.. Thursday, 10th.

..and returned with a big cookie! LOVE Suri's expression!!!!
November 2011
Suri accompanied Katie to the David Letterman Show in NYC on Thursday, 10th.

after the interview S&K once again visited the American Girl store.

seriously, enough of these "trash-shoes"...
November 2011

Suri & Katie once again visited Chelsea Piers in NYC on Wednesday, 10th.

Suri continued to wear her "trash" shoes; the outfit also included Silk Print most likely designed by Katie (or H&Y kids) and her fav Pink Faux Fur Jacket FW'10 by H&M.

Suri was holding Julie Doll by American Girl, purchased yesterday on a shopping trip to the AG store.
November 2011
Suri & Katie went shopping to American Girl store in NYC on Tuesday, 8th.

Suri's TRASH outfit - the dress has numerous cuts & tears, the hem looks shortened with the scissors.. the right shoe has a hole on the toe.

outfit: h&m faux fur jacket.
November 2011

Suri & Katie spotted leaving gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers on Monday, 7th.

outfit info:

Suri was wearing Pink Floral Dress by Missoni Kids, (first worn on July 10th 2011),

h&m pink faux fur jacket, flora & henri green shoes.
News, November 2011

The Cruise Family spotted in Pittsburgh:

Tom was spotted taking Suri trick-or-treating in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood on Halloween.

Katie and Tom visited the Milk Shake Factory on the South Side, home of Edward Marc Chocolatier. Daughter Suri liked the chocolate turtles, or terrapins. They liked it so much, Katie brought Suri back for a return visit.

Family is staying at the Downtown Hotel in Pittsburgh.

read the full article here
October 2011
Suri, Katie & Conor went trick-&-treating in the rain on Halloween, Monday, 31st.

outfit info: faux fur coat, disney purple slippers.
October 2011
Suri & Katie went on a last-minute Halloween shopping trip to the costume store & Target in Pittsburgh on Sunday, 30.

outfit info: armani junior coat, flora & henri shoes, splendid littles dress.
October 2011
Suri & Katie shivered on the set of Tom's new film "One Shot" in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 29th.

outfit info: emu ladybug boots, cach cach faux fur jacket.

Magazines 2011

Bonpoint just opened a new boutique in Istanbul, Turkey and they featured Suri in the press-release! :)

credit: facebook/bonpoint
October 2011
Suri was accompanied by her nanny to dance class in NYC on Thursday, 20th.

Suri was wearing Lelly Kelly shoes, pink tutu & bodysuit under her Pink Down Puffer Coat FW'10 by Armani Junior, which she first wore on February 24th, 2011.

later Suri & Katie were spotted leaving their NYC apartment.

outfit info: DKNY purple dress.
Magazines - November 2011
Katie Holmes opens up about her daughter Suri and how she balances her career and family life.

On always bringing along a snack and a coloring book: “My daughter was with me the other day at a work event and it was a long day. I took out some paper and markers that I had in my bag, and someone said to me, ‘Oh, that is so cute,’ and I looked at her and thought, No, this is not cute. This is what all mothers have to do.”

On looking effortless as she balances work and family life: “Because you have to. As an actress who is also a mother, you don’t have the luxury of drama.”

On what's up next: "I'm excited to begin a new phase: roles I might have been afraid to play before, places I want to travel to with my daughter. I'd like to build the design business. But not too fast."

On Suri's fortunate position as the daughter of famous parents: "Being around this business, my daughter is exposed to people with incredible talent, people who are the best at what they do. People I only dreamed of getting to work with as a little girl."

read more here
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October 2011
Suri & Katie went shopping to Toys'R'US in Hollywood, CA on Monday, 10th.

Suri purchased Huggable Purple Hippo.

outfit: dress by juicy couture, flip-flops by gap.
October 2011
Suri & Kati spotted leaving Pittsburgh on their private jet on Sunday, 9th.

Suri is wearing Knit Tiered Floral Dress SS'11 by Splendid Littles.

Katie is holding Disney's Marie Kitty Bag, which was presented as a gift to Suri on their arrival to Japan in March 2009.