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LA, December 2009

Suri and Katie pick up several bouquets of Christmas Eve flowers at a specialty market in Los Angeles on Thursday, 24.

Suri is wearing English Rose Dots Rainboots by Kidorable, which she first wore in Australia on July 28th 2009.

Suri is also wearing Silk Ruffle Dress in Green by Holmes & Yang.

Honestly, i expected more creativity from Katie and her designer-friend, rather than recreating one single dress in all of the rainbow colors... blah.

Pleasant surprise is to see Suri out on a Christmas Day! :)


Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!

as a Christmas Special, i would like to introduce a new member of our family:

Eva's Angels is a new European clothing brand for Toddler Girls, offering hand-made dresses & outfits from the finest Italian materials, with exceptional attention to details.

Suri was sent this Limited Edition Chocolate Paisley Dress in a size 4T from Eva's Angels as a gift, only the time will tell if she liked it or not... :)

Get yours now, the quantities are really limited!

Enjoy Your Holidays!!

P.S. i will post news & pictures as soon as they become available :)
Katie's Christmas Shopping Spree and NO sight of Suri!

at at Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on December 21st.

at Pier One and Barney's in Beverly Hills on December 22nd.

at Hermes in Beverly Hills on December 23rd.

you can tell i miss Suri's pictures... :)

December 2009

Suri Cruise has topped the charts in a UK study as most fashionable child celebrity.

Adam Childrenswear who carried out the study says, “‘Suri is almost a celebrity in her own right thanks to her cute looks and her amazing wardrobe.

”She has outfits that rival A-list celebs and this gets her more column inches than many movie stars.”

So who voted in their poll? Only 3,000 parents. Suri beat The Beckham boys, Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston, and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes in the poll.

The company’s researchers also discovered that more than a quarter of the parents polled like to dress their children in a similar style to celebrity offspring. Here’s their top ten most fashionable celebrity kids:
1. Suri Cruise (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise)
2. Cruz Beckham (Victoria Beckham and David Beckham)
3. Brooklyn Beckham (Victoria Beckham and David Beckham)
4. Lourdes (Madonna)
5. Romeo Beckham (Victoria Beckham and David Beckham)
6. Junior Andre (Katie Price and Peter Andre)
7. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
8. Kingston (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)
9. Poppy (Jules and Jamie Oliver)
10. Princess (Katie Price and Peter Andre)

i wonder why Honor & Harlow were not even included...

Spain, December 2009

Katie & Tom celebrate her 31st birthday at an Irish pub in Sevilla, Spain on Thursday, 17.
Also joining in on the fun were the family’s kids Suri, Connor and Isabella and Tom’s Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

After spending time together to celebrate, the Cruises headed straight to the airport and headed home from Spain after wrapping up filming earlier that day.

oh, well, here we go again....

Suri is wearing for the 6th time Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink by American Apparel, and for a change she decided to layer it with short-sleeves white tee.

outfit is perfectly suitable for a night out at the pub... :)

Spain, December 2009

Suri along with Isabella, Conor and their parents pose for a photo at La Isla Magica over the weekend.

The fun fair — located in Seville, Spain — opened up just for the family, in town while Tom films Knight and Day.

Suri for the 5th time is wearingHighlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink by American Apparel and Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in Navy by SEED.

iam tiered of looking at those boooooring combos - seed+american apparel, seed+holmes&yang.......... blah.

Spain, December 2009

Suri, along with Isabella, Conor together with Tom & Katie were spotted out for dinner in Sevilla, Spain on Monday, 14.

The family dined at a traditional restaurant and enjoyed some tapas including anchovy, Spanish omelette and kokotxa. Sources say the group re-ordered several of the snacks and drank only water.

Suri is wearing White Silk Ruffle Dress by Holmes & Yang with Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in Navy by SEED and Salina Safari Patent-Leather Ballet Flats by CrewCuts, which Suri first wore arriving to Tokyo on March 11th 2009.

Suri's Signature Look - Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yang

Suri wore this Vintage Dove Dress (for 920$!!!) from Holmes & Yang Collection, on two occasions:

Attending private party at Armani Boutique in Milan on November 30th 2007,

and Shopping with Katie in NYC on November 22nd 2009.

honestly, i would never spent almost a 1000$ on ONE piece of clothing for my daughter, i think its too much, disregarding how beautiful the dress is or by whom it was worn. but that is my opinion :)

sorry, for repost, i had to change the pictures.
Spain, December 2009

Suri looked especially precious in her colorful dress and gold strappy heels visiting Tom on the set of Knight & Day in Seville, on Friday, 11.

She accessorized with a purse and headband as she greeted the crew and waved at photographers. She was also joined by her big sister Isabella.

Suri was spotted wearing this Green Flower Dress twice before, and it looks like its Tom's favorite :)

Suri accessorized her outfit with Bow Bag in Gold by SEED and Flamenco clip-on earrings.

Today, December 11th, in Seville - Temperature is +19C. Warm enough for a dress!

Spain, December 2009

Suri & Katie spent their afternoon with a few friends on a private tour of the zoo in Seville on Wednesday, 9.

Suri for the 4th time is wearing Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink by American Apparel and Fairy Rain Boots by Kidorable, first worn on November 21st 2009.

Spain, December 2009

Suri accessorized her latest outfit with a purse full of lip gloss visiting her dad Tom on the set of Knight & Day in Seville on Tuesday, 8.

Suri is wearing BEBOP Dress by Bonpoint, which she first wore on September 17th 2008.

and she continues to wear her new favorite Flamenco Shoes in Pink - can be purchased from flamencoexport.com, which she first wore yesterday.

Thanks to Sarah for notifying me that the pink flamenco shoes are not by Mix Mamas.

Spain, December 2009

Suri & Katie visit Tom on the set of his new film “Knight and Day” in Sevilla, Spain on Monday, December 7.

Suri is wearing White Silk Ruffle Dress by Holmes & Yang and Pink Flamenco Shoes - can be purchased from flamencoexport.com

Suri is carrying around Facet Button Cardigan in Oatmeal Color by SEED, she worn the same one in Cherry Red on October 26th. (sold out on line)

Suri's dress is the newt addition to Holmes & Yang Collection - it is made of White Silk with dots and has an asymmetrical cut hem - Beautiful Dress!!

and a lovely picture of Suri indulging in an ice-cream... :)

Spain, December 2009

Suri and Katie visit Tom in Spain, they to play at a park together Sevilla on Sunday, 6.
Tom is currently on location, filming his new movie, Knight and Day.

Suri is wearing traditional Spanish flamenco dress and Polka Dot heels by Mix Mamas.

Best of 2009: Suri, Katie and Tom Travel the Globe

These are my favorite moments! :)

Enjoy the full slide-show by popsugar.
Who Wore Juicy Couture Better - Suri or Violet?

Suri wore Preppy Stripe Cardigan in Grey/Pink by Juicy Couture, while out for a dinner in Boston on November 7th.

Suri created one of my favorite outfits by pairing this cardigan with Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink and Shiny Legging in Lamé Silver, both by American Apparel and CELIA Bow Ballet Pumps in Dark Purple by Maloles Petite.

Violet paired this cardigan with Striped Leggings by Splendid and Pink Torino Hook-and-Loop Shoes by Superga, for a day at school on November 30th.

Suri wins it for me with her Lamé silver leggings & purple shoes combo. Love it!

P.S. more updates will be added later today!

(i will really apreciate a stock picture of the cardigan in this color! TIA)

NYC, November 2009

Suri is all smiles as she goes on a shopping spree with her big sister Isabella and mom Katie on the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City on Sunday, 22.

Girls shopped at Topshop store and Madwell boutique, Katie already owns more than 10 pieces from the Madwell brand.. :)

After shopping, the trio grabbed lunch at Balthazar in Soho and Katie was taking pictures of Suri her phone. cute! :)

In the evening, S&K went to the Joyce Theater to catch a retrospective of the Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company.

Suri is wearing Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yong (available at Maxfield), which she first wore on November 30th 2007.

and Fairy Boots & Backpack by Kidorable, which she first wore on November 21st (yesterday).

Long Island, November 2009

on Saturday, 21 Suri & Katie were spotted around NY several times...

strolling in Red Trench Coat (PLEASE! send me a hint, if you know who made it) over her Red Silk Holmes & Young dress and holding Green Doggy Backpack by Manuella.


shopping at SOHO Baby Boutique..

same dress, no coat + plus more green stuff: Fairy Rain Boots and Fairy Backpack, both by Kidorable.


and attending a matinee showing of the Lion King musical on Broadway.