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NYC, November 2009

Suri is all smiles as she goes on a shopping spree with her big sister Isabella and mom Katie on the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City on Sunday, 22.

Girls shopped at Topshop store and Madwell boutique, Katie already owns more than 10 pieces from the Madwell brand.. :)

After shopping, the trio grabbed lunch at Balthazar in Soho and Katie was taking pictures of Suri her phone. cute! :)

In the evening, S&K went to the Joyce Theater to catch a retrospective of the Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company.

Suri is wearing Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yong (available at Maxfield), which she first wore on November 30th 2007.

and Fairy Boots & Backpack by Kidorable, which she first wore on November 21st (yesterday).

Long Island, November 2009

on Saturday, 21 Suri & Katie were spotted around NY several times...

strolling in Red Trench Coat (PLEASE! send me a hint, if you know who made it) over her Red Silk Holmes & Young dress and holding Green Doggy Backpack by Manuella.


shopping at SOHO Baby Boutique..

same dress, no coat + plus more green stuff: Fairy Rain Boots and Fairy Backpack, both by Kidorable.


and attending a matinee showing of the Lion King musical on Broadway.

Long Island, November 2009

Suri & Katie seen taking a stroll through Manhattan while on break from shooting her new movie, The Romantics on Friday, 20.

Suri is wearing Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink and CozyChic Hoodie in White by Barefoot Dreams, which were both first worn on November 5th.

*picture removed

Look - heels are not always THAT fun but hey, at least she is not wearing diapers..

NY, November 2009

Suri play around with caution tape on the set of Katie movie, The Romantics on Thursday, 19.

Suri is wearing Facet Button Cardigan in Cherry, which she first wore on October 26th and Printed Frill Blouse in Navy (FW'09), both by SEED.

Suri is proving her love for the red shoes by wearing hers custom-made Roger Vivier flats again!

Dear Readers,

sorry for the lack of updates..

iam on vacation and this stupid hotel charges 7 EUR per hour for Internet, and its not even wi-fi ?!!?!

anyway, all updates for this week will be posted on the 1st of December.

sorry again for the inconveniences!



Tom and Katie Celebrate Three Years of Marriage!

Check out this great Slideshow from popsugar.

Enjoy! :)

Suri is spending this week with Tom in Boston, while he is shooting "Knight & Day" and Katie is away in NYC working on "The Romantics".

Suri & Tom were spotted having a good father-daughter time in a park on Monday, 16.

Thanks to Vania from SCI for the picture! :)

Suri is wearing Red Silk Ruffle dresses from Holmes & Young Collection with Diamond Jacquard Tie Cardigan in Navy by SEED and custom-made Red Patent Ballerina Shoes by Roger Vivier, which she first wore on October 7th.
Who Wore It Better - Suri or Sunday?

Both girls wore this White Cozy Hoodie by Barefoot Dreams, but styled it very differently..

Suri wore this hoodie over her Red Silk Holems & Yang dress, paired with black leggings and Studded maryjanes shoes by Maloles Petite on November 5th.
I am not a fan of this look as i think this cardigan is too "heavy" for the silk dress..

Sunday opted for a more comfy & casual look, pairing her cozy sweater with colorful print tights & sand colored Uggs on November 17th.

Sunday wins it for me, as Uggs + Cozy Hoodie is the best combination for a chilly November day :)

Boston, November 2009

Suri & Katie braved the Boston rain on Sunday, 15 and went shopping at Jacadi. While Katie was dressed in a warm sweater and boots, Suri wasn't letting a little water get in the way of wearing her favorite peep-toe heels. Suri stayed home that evening, though, when Tom took a break from filming Knight & Day to have dinner out with Katie. They dined at Abe & Louie’s steak house.

Suri is holding Elmo Plush Toy from Sesame Street Show.

Suri had a slight mishap: She got stuck in the rain and slipped out of her high heel shoes.

and later in the evening Suri & Tom went out for a walk and bottle break before bedtime.

look like Suri is wearing white silk pajamas, how cute is that? :)

Source & Source

New scans about Suri's style! Thanks to Susy from SCI! :)

Suri and her anonymous BFF, both are wearing Francesca Girls Open-toe Shoes by Freed of London.

i wonder, who that little girl is?
In Suri's Closet - Neige

Suri wore this Pauline Silk Taffeta Dress by Neige, while spotted arriving to the "Day & Knight" set on October 22nd in Boston.
November 2009

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Boston & NYC, November 2009

Suri & Katie ate dinner at Modern Pastry in Boston on Saturday evening, 7.

Suri is wearing Preppy Stripe Cardigan in Grey/Pink by Juicy Couture and she is holding Disney Princesses Umbrella. (pictures TBA)

Suri is wearing Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink and Shiny Legging in Lamé Silver, both were purchased on Friday at American Apparel store.

Suri also added CELIA Bow Ballet Pumps in Dark Purple by Maloles Petite to her GORGEOUS outfit!!! This is THE BEST outfit EVER!!! :)


and in the morning, Suri & Katie were seen arriving in the Big Apple from Boston via the 30th street heliport on Sunday, 8.

Suri is still wearing the same outfit, she only took off her shoes & changed the cardigan for her trusty Lurex Knit Cardigan in Jewel by SEED, which she wore several times before starting on October 4th.

Boston, November 2009

Suri & Katie wore matching Red Silk Ruffle dresses from Holmes & Young Collection, while strolling around Boston on Friday, 5.

S&K went shopping to American Apparel store, and apparently Suri so much loved this Highlighter Skater Tank Dress in Pink, that she decided to walk out of the store in it... :)

below are 3 known items from their purchase (if my source is correct):
for Suri:
Kids 3-End Fleece Zip Hoody in Fluorescent Red

California Fleece Pullover Hoody in Cranberry

for Katie:
Unisex Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

Suri is also wearing CozyChic Hoodie in White by Barefoot Dreams.

and a pair of Safir Leather Studded Pumps in Black by Maloles Petit, which she first wore on October 25th 2009.

NYC, November 2009

Suri joins mom Katie on the set of "The Romantics" on Long Island, New York on Thursday, November 5.

Suri carried around a stuffed friend - Standing Grey Squirrel with nut by Lincrafts.

Suri is wearing Print Shirred Dress in Tulip Floral Print Cord by Mill&Mia and Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging in Raspberry from American Apparel, shich she first wore on July 22nd 2009.

Suri is also wearing Purple Quilted Bow Shoes from FW'09 by SEED, which she first wore on September 18th 2009.

Thanks to Katrina for the toy id & the stock picture of the Seed shoes!!! :)