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June 2010

Suri & Katie spotted leaving the Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Katie is in town filming her new miniseries for The History Channel, The Kennedys, with Greg Kinnear. Look for the film on TV in 2011!

Suri is wearing "I Love Dancing" Sparkle Nightgown by Carter's (on sale for only $ 9.99!)

>>just for the sake of argument, adding my thoughts on the topics discussed in comments :)

1. my daughter is 5,9 y.o. and i still DO carry her around! she is a skinny-mini, so its not very hard for me. and lately, I am asking her if she wants to be carried.. LOL. WHY am i doing this - the answers is simple - i love her and want to keep her closer to my heart, literally :) and she is the only child at this point in time, so i do cherish her and enjoy her being little as much as i can! so, i dont see anything wrong with Suri been carried around.

2. PJ's in public - my daughter would never even think about it, just because she knows that pj's/nightgowns are for bed-time only and that other kids will laugh at her if she wears a night gown to pre-school. 
so, i totally dont get it... Why Katie is not explaining to Suri "how things work" in this society..?

June 2010

Suri & Katie went out for some shopping in Toronto on Thursday, 24.
Katie is in Toronto to film the scenes for an eight-part History Channel miniseries, "The Kennedys," in Cobourg.

Suri is wearing Sequin Heart Tee in Light Ginger by Crewcuts,

dressed down by a pair of Black Leggings and

paired with Printed Floral Ballets Flats w/strap also by Crewcuts (from SS'09 collection).

Suri has shown an early love for the nail polish and has finished up her casual look with Nail Polish in Pink by ESSIE (available at crewcuts).

Suri is also carrying newly purchased Vibes Mint Tiger by Wild Repbulic (for the best online price you can purchase it here).
June 2010
Suri spotted leaving their NYC apartment with Katie & Isabella on Tuesday, 22.

Suri is covered in "homemade tattoos" - new body art trend? :)

Suri is wearing Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection by GAP, wich she first wore on May 31st 2009, while shopping at Janie and Jack Boutique in LA.


Thanks for the video to Karli from Popsugar

PS>> sorry, for the slow updates but iam on vacation w/very slow internet till 7/4.
June 2010

Suri with TomKat spotted arriving to NYC by helicopter on Monday, 21.

later, S&K were joined by Isabella on their run around NYC.
Suri was wearing her favorite Pajama Gown by Esme, all day long.
June 2010

The Cruise Family is spotted arriving to Seville, Spain on Tuesday, 15; just ahead of the premiere of Tom's new film - Knight and Day.

unfortunately, there are no better pictures so far and its impossible to guess what Suri is wearing..

OMG! i couldnt miss this! Katie looks gorgeous in her Azzedine Alaia SS'10 dress at the premiere of Knight & Day on Wednesday, 16.

and check this out - an interview with Cameron & Tom - and a very cute part about Suri being a little fashionista! :)
June 2010

Katie Holmes announces a partnership between her Dizzy Feet Foundation and Hit Entertainment’s popular mouse character Angelina Ballerina at the Licensing International Expo at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Monday (June 7) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NO Suri, but Katie looks cute & i love this ballerina-mouse! :)

In Suri's Closet - ILoveGorgeous and Bonpoint

Suri wore this Silver Dot Midas Popsicle Dress from SS'10 Collection by ILoveGorgeous (UK brand), while for an ice-cream treat in NY on May 24th.

ILoveGorgeous is a new UK brand (mass production started in 2007) makes unique and sophisticated design for little princesses. Basic range is chic & casual which suits Suri's personality the best, as the Midas dress she recently wore. 
Fall 2010 Pre Orders are available now and you can read a small review here.
wishing for Suri to wear one of their special occasion styles - Marie Antoinette Dress - for a theater/performance outing!

Suri wore these Blue Bow Flats by Bonpoint, while visiting Katie on the set of "Son of No One" in NY on April 9th.
As mentioned before the shoes are from Bonpoint and were purchased earlier by S&K during their shopping spree.
(only the stock picture of the canvas version was available online)
Thank to mel1408 for the picture!

A word from me: 
I rarely address those negative comments which i get, probably cause they are so rare.
But this time, it totally made my day, in the worst meaning - so i have zero tolerance.
Despite ~2 000 visitors daily (Thank You, Guys & Girls!!!), this is MY blog and i will run it MY way, although i might get some help from a fairy-lady in the future :)
Regular readers are aware of my unwritten rule about no "salmon-sushi-bullshit" on this blog.
Occasionally i post a rumor or two - my favorite ones are about Suri getting a little sibling.. :)
But i dont see anything exciting about Suri playing with iPad (no pictures - no proof, btw), cause my daughter plays with it too.
This blog is about Suri's FASHION, and i am much more excited about Suri owning a $1 650 Salvatore Ferragamo Bag than any gadget in the world!
Posts are late sometimes cause this is MY hobby, meaning that when i have more important thing to do this will have to wait its turn.
My vent is almost over, and in conclusion i would like to sincerely THANK all those people who sent me sweet & nice supporting emails, telling me how much they (actually, YOU! LOL) enjoy reading this blog!