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February, 2010

"Tom's work on Knight and Day had him busy filming in California, and now his girls are there to keep him company before they're all off on their next adventure." reported by popsugar

just a small update on Suri's whereabouts... :)
Around The Web - Suri

Three-year-old Suri Cruise has been a mini-fashionista since birth; perfection from head-to-toe in plaids, petticoats, and pumps. We’ve admired the tot’s style for a few years now, but not until today did we have a fashion revelation: her ensembles are strikingly similar to that of “Gossip Girl” Blair Waldorf. read more here

Thanks to Andrea for the link!

7 Reasons Suri Isn’t Like Your 3-Year-Old!

There are many reasons why Suri Cruise isn’t like your average everyday three-year-old, she just happens to have superstar parents, she’s uber rich and she gets to travel all over the world. But there are seven more day-to-day reasons why Suri isn’t like the three-year-old down the block, next door or in your own home. 
read more here

February 2010
Holmes & Yang - Second Collection  

With a very well-behaved Suri Cruise on her lap, Katie Holmes, along with her stylist-design partner Jeanne Yang, discussed their Holmes & Yang sophomore collection, offering Holmes’ love of dance as a reference point for the clothes. “We were inspired by the colors of a traditional ballet” — the lineup is all creams and black and pale, pale pinks — “and the lives of all our friends,” she said, pointing to a series of easy silk blouses and shirtdresses, leather jackets and a few sexier lace frocks. Those friends may include Victoria Beckham, but both Holmes and Yang insist their collection, which includes children’s clothing, is meant for a range of body types (though perhaps not bank accounts — a snug nude-colored suede motorcycle jacket has a suggested retail price of $3,688; if you want a Suri-approved crepe de chine number for your little one, be prepared to spend about $500 and up). read more here  

Holmes' approach to fashion, and her business in it, turns out to be decidedly low-key. "[I understand] more what goes into making a piece, creating something, and I think about that with the clothes I look at and want to buy," said Holmes, herself looking relaxed in a wool sweater, heels, and cuffed jeans; while we talked, her daughter Suri wandered in wearing one of the collection's adorable crepe de chine dresses (she will make a great editor one day: she sat on the couch between us, whispering occasionally in her mother's ear and watching the model and my notebook). Holmes and Yang produce the line, which includes those mini-me party dresses, via seamstresses and artisans in New York, which accounts for the sticker shock on a few of their pieces (like the nearly $3,700—and quite sexy—suede biker jacket). But don't whip out your checkbook just yet—their collection, which is a pared-down, lovely lineup of shirtdresses, skirts, and tops in cream and black and dusty rose, is only available at Maxfield in LA. 

"We're taking it slow, [because] we really want to learn the business," Holmes explained, adding, "we're really concerned with what flatters: the pants are high-waisted,"—she pointed to a lean pair of white trousers— "and we're inspired by our friends, who are real women, they have real bodies." Yang leapt up and pulled a colorblocked jumpsuit off a hanger; pale pink front, black back, which Yang explained was Holmes's idea. "I never liked nude on the behind," she said, wrinkling her nose, "it just never worked." As Suri carefully removed her fuchsia ballet flats, looked at them, and slipped them back onto her feet (again: like a fashion editor!), Holmes, who just wrapped a film in Australia, laughed about her multitasking ways (she and Yang email each other ideas about fabric and sketches by way of collaboration). "I've always enjoyed fashion," she said. "It's another creative outlet, and I like to be busy."


*pictured above - Suri & Katie leaving the presentation of Holmes & Yang 2nd Collection on February 11 at Bowery Hotel.
In Suri's Closet - Dolce Gabbana Junior

Thanks to Mandee, we finally know that this Red Trench, which was first worn by Suri on July 21st 2009 in Melbourne, is from FW'08 Collection by Dolce Gabbana Junior.

During 2009  - Suri was spotted 4 times in this cute & comfy trench coat:

at this point in time, the closest i could find - this Black Patent Trench Coat from FW'09 Collection by Dolce Gabbana Junior:
In Suri's Closet -  Salvatore Ferragamo Handbag

Suri was spotted carrying this gorgeous bag, while leaving the Super Bowl on February 8th.

its a mini-version of Katie's large Savatore Ferragamo satchel.

Suri's bag is called Vittelo Safari Satchel and retails for 1,650 USD at NeimanMarcus.

Suri is the first known toddler to own such luxurious bag! Lucky Girl! :)
February 2010

Suri & Katie are out for another busy day in New York on Thursday, 11.

Suri is wearing Vintage Dove Dress by Holmes & Yong (available at Maxfield), which she first wore on November 30th 2007.

she also layered for warmth with Yellow Cardigan by Bonpoint, which we first spotted yesterday;

and finished off her outfit with her new favorite Ballerinas in Rose by Bonpoint.

In Suri's Closet - Bonpoint

Suri is wearing Bright Yellow Cardigan from SS'10 Collection by Bonpoint (will be up online soon);

underneath, Suri has Jersey TShirt in Framboise paired with Euridice Stripe Skirt, both from SS'10 Collection by Bonpoint;

and finally, she completed her outfit with Ballerinas in Pink, from SS'10 Collection by Bonpoint (in-store only).

and the final touch, Estelle Headband in Lime by Bonpoint.

February 2010 
Suri & Katie went to see The Pride at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Wednesday, February 10. 
Suri danced and smiled as she picked out her favorite lipsticks - red & pink, yesterday at Sephora.
Suri is following the Brights Trend.
*fashion info TBA - Suri's entire outfit is by Bonpoint.
February 2010

more pictures from yesterday.... :)

Suri uses every opportunity to show off her favorite Holmes&Yang dress! i am sick of this style, but i like this color :)

Thanks to Meesh!

February 2010
Suri bundled up in a matching hat, scarf and mitten set as she held onto her princess umbrella, braving the blizzard currently making its way through Manhattan.
S&K were having another lunch with Jane Yang at Bowlers Hotel on Wednesday, 10. 

>>rumors are, that they are getting ready for Fashion Week...  is Katie seriously going to present H&Y collection??

Suri is wearing Pink Mary Jane 3 by Nike;
Under her coat she is most likely wearing infamous silk ruffle Holmes&Yang dress, this time in Bright Blue;

and Suri is keeping her legs warmth in Rib Knit Tights in Mint from FW'09 Stella McCartney for Gap Collection. (completely sold out in-store & on-line).


UPDATE: (more pictures)

Suri risked getting a very cold and wet pair of feet as she stepped into a slushy puddle while out in New York.
Even though she was wrapped up against the Big Apple's sub-zero conditions, the flimsy-looking pink shoes were not going to offer much protection from the elements.

Like all little children, the snow excited Suri, who even stuck out her tongue to catch some snowflakes in her mouth.

Source & Source
In Suri's Closet - Sonia Rykiel pour H&M!!!!!!!!

Suri is the first celebrity to wear a piece - Pink Frill Dress - from Sonia Rykiel for H&M Spring collection, to be launched on February 20th 2010 online & in selected H&M stores worldwide.

Pink Frill Knit Dress will retail for 19.95 EUR only!

OMG!!!! i am so excited about this yet-to-become-available Sonia Rykiel for H&M line! you can read more about my excitement here :)

the full item list was released today, you can check it out here!

and i feel like the luckiest girl alive, cause on the 20th of February i will be in Helsinki, staying in a hotel 10 minutes away from their central H&M store!!!!! :)
February 2010

Suri and Katie are finally back on the streets of New York, Monday 9.
S&K had a lunch with Jane Yang at the Bowler Hotel, the rumors are that this trio (including Suri) is working on a new collection for Holmes & Yang label.

Suri is wearing (nothing new! sigh) Red Trench coat by unknown designer/brand, and her trusty Salina Safari Patent-Leather Ballet Flats by Crewcuts, which Suri first wore arriving to Tokyo on March 11th 2009.

Katie is carrying Suri's monkey - The Monkey is Dallas Cowboys NFL Large 27'' Pink Rally Monkey (collectible item), first debuted on September 29th 2009.

and FINALLY Suri is wearing some funky mittens, its first time Suri is wearing any mittens!!! :)


Thanks to Karli from popsugar for sending me this video! very cute :)
In Suri's Closet - Flower Headbands by Crewcuts

When Suri loves smth she gets it in all available colors! So, here is her new addiction - Flower Headbands! Yay! She finally got it :), i mean Honor has been rocking those headbands for a while now...

Flower Headband in Fuchsia and in White, both by Crewcuts.

and are my eyes deceiving me or i see EYE - make up on that little girl?!?! and you know guys, TomKat can tell as many times as they want that Suri is dressing her self, but i havent seen yet an almost 4-year-old girl who could color her nails, lips and eyes all by herself! Suri is definitely a wonder-kid!
February 2010


Suri and TomKat catch a helicopter flight on Monday, 8.

Suri is wearing Grey Canvas Sandshoe by Walnut, which she first wore on August 7th 2009 in Melbourne.

February 2010

Suri with Connor and Tom were spotted at Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday, 7.

Suri is wearing Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection by GAP, wich she first wore on May 31st 2009, while shopping at Janie and Jack Boutique in LA.

Suri is also wearing her famous custom-made red patent Roger Vivier shoes.